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Mixed Martial Arts Training

MMA Training

  • Do you want to learn the skills of MMA?
  • Learn techniques and applications that work under competition?
  • Do you want to not just look good, but actually be good too? 
  • All while having fun?

I teach MMA which involving punches, kicks and knees in a full contact format. As a professional MMA fighter, I have fought against and trained with the best in the world, and bring everything I have learned to these sessions. With over 10 years training in traditional martial arts, I concentrate on what works, and not what looks good.

My sessions

They are fun and fast paced but structured so that you work at a pace that’s right for you. Techniques and combinations are taught effectively and with the end goal in mind – the competitive application. The small details within each component part of a technique are not forgotten.

The classes are a mixture of technical interaction involving partner work and pads, body boxing, and sparring (should you so wish).

Minimum equipment

Minimal equipment requirements are a set of boxing gloves, preferably 14oz or 16oz, shin guards, and to get the most out of the sessions you will need a gum shield. A Head guard is also strongly recommended. Sparring is optional, kept light and controlled.

Who Is This For?

You don’t have to be a professional mixed martial arts fighter to train like one! Mixed Martial Arts training incorporate techniques from various combat sports including Goju Ruy Karate, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. Utilizing MMA training techniques is a great way to get stronger, fitter and leaner. Meanwhile, you will also be trained with explosive movement and endurance exercises.

This can be done partnering up with a training buddy, or with me.

Corporate / School / Gym Enquires

If you would like to introduce MMA Strength & Conditioning sessions into your organization, please contact Neil for enquires.

mma classes and seminars

For all levels of MMA fighters. You will learn how to strike in MMA fights, take down defense and general submissions.

Minimum Equipment Required

Minimum equipment required is a set of boxing gloves, preferably 14oz or 16oz. Shin guards are an advantage, and to get the most out of the sessions you will need a gum shield, a head guard is also strongly recommended.

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