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Vibration Training with Vybro Gym Vibration Plate Machine
Vibration Training with Vybro Gym Vibration Plate Machine

Keep Fit, Lose Weight, Personal Training for Men and Women in Billericay, Essex

All About Health & Fitness incorporates fitness training and sports therapy services provided by Neil ‘Goliath’ Grove that will help you to keep fit, lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve strength, conditioning and flexibility.

Neil is professionally trained and highly qualified to provide personal training services to special population. His clientele ranges from kids to senior citizens. With extensive knowledge working with different clients and being an athlete himself, you cannot be in better hands.

We are all different: our body structure, lifestyle and fitness levels. We also have different goals when we are looking for fitness training programmes…

to lose a few pounds for a special occasion, to shed the beer belly and replace it with a six pack, to become fitter and stronger, to improve fitness level or just to live a healthier lifestyle…Therefore personal fitness training is the best and most effective way to help you achieve your goal.

Having been in the fitness industry for many years and a professional athlete himself, Neil not only has extensive knowledge, but also has experience working with a wide range of clients from beginners to elite athletes. He knows what works and what doesn’t and he can work out exercise programme that fits your lifestyle, time span and budget.