Training Options

Training for Women

A woman’s body works differently from a man’s. The main difference between men and women is hormones. Men have an abundance of testosterone while women have estrogen in large quantities. The former aids muscle growth and muscle building. This affects the fitness levels of both sexes in two ways. For one, men’s bodies get leaner and muscular than a woman’s with the same amount of exercise. Secondly, since higher muscle mass leads to higher calorie burning, men tend to lose weight faster than women with the same amount and quality of workouts.

Weight-loss & Fitness Training

Since women’s fitness is very different from men’s, they need a different approach to achieve result. Firstly, an initial assessment is essential so that we can understand your goals, your body stats and individual conditions. Then your personalized fitness training programme will be developed to fit your lifestyle while delivering results.

Depending on your personal needs, fitness level and time span, various techniques will be utilized in your personal fitness training sessions to exercise different groups of muscles. Combining strength and conditioning workout, vibration training, flexibility training and dietary and nutritional advice, Neil will work together with you to achieve your goal.

Bride-To-Be Fitness Programmes

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! We know how much pressure is on you as the bride-to-be. We are here to help, make you feel confident and look fabulous in one of your greatest moments of you life.

Why not come for a FREE initial consultation first and discuss your goal? We will work out a personalized fitness programmes that meet your needs. This will include:

  • Regular personal fitness training sessions
  • Access to Goliath’s Boot Camp
  • Dietary & Nutritional Advice
  • Motivation & encouragement to keep you going
  • WPR Bride-To-Be card to use in the award winning salon WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetic, which entitles you to discounts off a selection of gorgeous pampering services up until your Wedding Day

Come and Meet us for your initial free consultation at least 12 weeks before your wedding day, we guarantee you to achieve your wedding fitness goal!

Post-Natal Fitness Training

Safe & Effective Exercises For New Mums to get back into shape.

Your body has experienced a tremendous change during pregnancy and you need special care and instructions to help guide you towards getting back into shape.

The postnatal fitness training programme will help new mums raise metabolism, shed extra weight, provide much-needed energy and help reduce stress and tension. The workouts are specially designed so that they are effective to bring new mums back into shape in a safe and controlled environment.

We understand that being a new mum can be demanding and stressful, therefore combined with your postnatal fitness training programmes, we also offer our new mum clients special offers to enjoy specialist maternity treatments at the award wining salon WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetic, to restore your mind and body into balance.

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To Get Started

Why not book your FREE Initial Consultation with Neil Goliath Grove?

Or come for a FREE Circuit Class to see how it works! Simply sign up newsletter on the front page and claim your session.

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